Daily Prompt: Recharge

via Daily Prompt: Recharge If the DOJ takes an interest here about defrocked nurses, of long standing, that we travel roads to upset agencies responsible for this illegal defrocking, it would behoove the DOJ to know that we have little to loose.

Revelation 6:8 And I looked, behold a pale horse, the rider who rode upon him was named death, and hell followed with him.


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  1. The DOJ is well aware, just hope they do not wait too long to investigate this fraud, illegal doings , violating ADA laws, violating the U S Constitution , Arizona Constitution, and false reporting among many other illegal activites. When it goes Federal First, and the Arizona DOJ ignored what was given to them , by more than one, somebody is gonna lose their job , be front page news . Hopefully their retirement. They get paid to work on all cases and investigate, not protect their friends. Ducey will be a front runner as well, bigger then the Snell land Wilmer corruption that was uncovered. Eventually it all comes to light .


  2. When al Queda was first viewed as our enemy right after 9/11 most Americans were schocked at the simplistic events these passionate warriors practice to bring down a much more powerful foe. Whats the difference between them an the U.S. Marines? All depends on which side of the fence you’re standing on. The state DOJ Im sure is probably having lunch now with either Arpaio or members of Snell & Wilmer. You and the entire Valley knows what is going on, where as the Fed DOJ just doesn’t want the entire state nursing agency blown out onto 7th ave where they so righteously deserve to be. They are warching us, I am truly sorry for them,


  3. 7th Ave , or Florence for 20+years., and well deserved . Just like arpaio thinks he can ”work” outside his job description and disobey a court order, there will be headline news. Protect the public does not mean take care of your friends, and do as you please when taxpayers money is involved. We’ll get the attention of another Dan Woods, a hero.


  4. it all seems to center on AZ and being # 1 in the corruption, a good deal of that is who is appointed by Ducey, nothing will get better keep putting the Brigham Young crowd in. The Biggest problem with AZ , and best kept secret but word is getting around.


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