End of an Era

For the most part disciplinary actions from the AZBON seem to have a ring of validity to them, and the Board is very good at giving the appearance of protecting the public. After the Nurse Trujillo debacle that image is basically trash once she published her story. Many of us now know that nursing as a patient to be advocate could make you a criminal.  The following post by a well experienced nurse of long term duration defines where nursing is today.

Regardless of individual good intentions, BONs, at least in AZ, represent a powerful group of political appointees given discretion and deference in excess of most judges – they operate in relative secrecy, with no legal mandate to conclude any given case, ever. With little effort or time, we have found multiple clear conflicts of interest in the Trujillo case, in which Board members have strong financial ties with the source of the complaint against her, Banner Corp. It seems this BON may well represent a distressed entity, with heavy demands and limited resources.
There seem to be no standards or restrictions on filing a complaint, and no culpability for misuse of the system by those filing them, unlike a typical Judicial system, in which cases may be accepted or rejected on their merits, and public access to proceeding is the general rule. Perhaps as a result, with a tiny budget and little time, this group of impressive professionals face nearly a thousand new cases annually, to which an average case, after a mere 17 hours of total investigation, nevertheless requires 7 months to come to any conclusion. I draw these numbers from public official State data Amanda Trujillo has waited a year, her future in limbo, and her efforts to seek support have been criticized – is it reasonable for anyone to expect a conscientious unemployed professional to wait 7 to 12 months without seeking any support? No such standard is placed on criminal suspects or those subject to civil litigation – why in the world would a system with less allowance for due process require more of those who stand accused? For more information, see wp.me/s278fi-535
As with most Nurses today, it seems likely that AZ BON suffers from challenging systems issues – an inadequate budget, and no protection I’ve been able to find against employers’ or others’ abuse of this system for retaliatory purposes. For this reason, I have file an open letter to the office of the AZ Governor , as a concerned citizen and Nurse – see wp.me/p278fi-9v


3 thoughts on “End of an Era

  1. In the criminal world, a person is charged with something , and that is what the court hearing is ABOUT. At the Board of Nursing , anyone can put in a complaint , anonymously , and say you dressed up like a rabbit on Easter , and if they want to run with it , all of a sudden, your entire career is opened and a psychological evaluation is ordered at your expense, but only “board approved ” . If a Psychologist has the degree why is it narrowed down to their favorite “court whore” . ? IF the ‘board approved ” psych doesn’t give them the answer they want, then they do not get repeat business , by being taken off “the list. ” To get on “the list” you must be a crooked bastard willing to write what they want . And commit medical malpractice . Then in court the Easter costume does not even come up ! That Aunt who lives in England who you hated since she taped your ears back, they will find her and she will say, you always were a brat. BINGO now you need counseling , a very low blow by the BON using mental health to take nurses down. The entire BON needs a mental enema so bad it reeks. Especially the ones that think they are psych nurses , little pretenders , seem to know what is best for everyone. It is all happening, any doubts ? Anyone had this experience , contact us tytyhub@gmail.com , the dots are really connecting .


  2. Thank you for spreading the word, all I can say is ‘what a racket ” , and using psych , well don’t they have a license ?, oh wait they have that board bought off too. When this tangled web unweaves many will be named . Just like the AG and Snell and Wilmer. Sweet.


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