The Real AZBON

Ms. Schneider is the deceased elder abuse victim number #43 from our former senior living facility. We recently received a Cease and Desist Letter from the new owners of our former senior living facility not to use its name.
Ms. Schneider was a retired school teacher that was scammed by our former senior living facility’s false advertising. She believed it was an assisted living facility with a nurse as advertised by A Place for Mom. It was all lies. She had to pay the contract’s one-year lease requirement before she was able to move to a legitimate assisted living facility for her needed proper medical care. Ms. Schneider lost nearly $12,000 in paying rent for a senior living facility that she could not use.
Ms. Schneider reported the fake nurse, Claudia Marquez, to the Arizona Board of Nursing but they did nothing to stop the dangerous repeated violations nursing scam. She was shocked that Arizona law enforcement did not stop the senior living’s false advertising, phony nurse scam, and baseless lawsuits filings.
Ms. Schneider was a delightful elder that went to her grave never receiving any justice. She is just another defrauded and forgotten elder abuse victim in the Arizona Badlands.
NOTE: We have asked for a fire inspection of this dangerous senior living property that will soon reopen. Fanny Mae reduced the value $1 million (20%) because of the dangerous dilapidated conditions. No response from the City of Peoria officials which is consistent to their “NO Action Response” to our past reported elder abuse crimes there.
ANOTHER COMPLAINT ON THE AZ BON , when it comes to elder abuse they do nothing, when it comes to a nurse going after a hospital , they defend the facility. OH wait, Public safety , yea right !

3/05 Claudia Marquez listed as imposter A few years too late??

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4 thoughts on “The Real AZBON

  1. Where is that head stone for the ‘wicked witch” JR Joey (haha ELIZABETH ) Ridenour ? That was priceless. The epitaph that said “You had the power to do something and did nothing, rest in hell”


  2. The Board of Nursing is not streaming, well , now it will be fun reporting what happened, through the eyes of the WATCHDOG !!! the board can put a ‘spin ” on it, well , you never seen such a roller coaster, the sad part is it is all happening . No one can believe these nut jobs put in this important position. . SO much pain and 95% the nurse was only doing their job. dirty bastards, they will get theirs.


  3. crazy Harell who comes from IDAHO, (u do know that per capita more of the cult resides there than utah , well she THINKS she knows wtf she is talking about. absolutely shaming to see her run her mouth. so many mis- statements her G dtr lst year could answer better than her. acts like some kind of “expert’ because she paid to renew a license for years SO WHAT . Her experience is not direct patient care, horrible nurse!!! turn it in your causing damage!!!


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