JANEEN DAHN phd (Piled Higher & Deeper)


There isn’t a lot of people that can say that when their phone rings and the the id reads Washington, D.C. that know it might not be a telephone marketeer, but somebody totally different. The articulate voice on the line would quickley ask definitive questions about hardship issues related not only to the AZBON but the Attorney Generals in addition to some local health care providers. He soon proclaimed that between Az, Utah, Baltimore, & Chicago the justice department was swarmped with civil rights violations. He stated that the peace needs to be kept and although he knew the person he was addressing could build a bigger and more powerful device than the one that recently upset a small local  Nevada community, he could help authorities toned down their unscrupulous advances on professional nurses.                                                                         I said, “A leopold never changes its spots”.  The entire state is aware of political trash now infecting the AZBON and all the DOJ influence on security isn’t going to change a thing. The Board has lost the Publics’ Confidence. 

J Dahl
A relatively new member who does psychological evals of the third kind. Strange and biased with little evidence based in reality.