Glenn Franklin Jones

I knew there would come a time when nurse abuse would explode into an event similiar to what took place in Panaca, Nv. the third week of July, 2016. My brother was abused by the Nevada Nursing Board. A shoddy investigation, and the evidence is pathetic to even consider revocation.     Only a matter of time and who will be next. The real question is was he a Mad Bomber? Or a Bomber that was Mad?       It is very uncommon for older, experienced nurses to steal drugs, and nursing boards should know this. The Nevada Nursing Boards’ action against Nurse Jones reads like many other Board actions. A shoddy action based on what? The report gives very little details substantiating its license revocating action. No witnesses, no patient complaints and nothing defining the source of the complaint. This report is one of many demonstrations of over reaching of Nursing Boards. It begs for more answers.

Rest in peace my Brother.




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    1. Someday nurses will realize that rolling over upon one another is their biggest enemy. Nursing Boards can be an enormous obstruction to patient safety simply out of political corruption. I doubt well ever be informed that the Cluffs rolled on Jones so his lic was yanked but you dont have to be genius to put this together.

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      1. Hi. My name is kathi renaud. I was married to mr.Jones for 11 yrs. His ex wife of 3 yrs
        Did not know him. I don’t know why he would do this. So many questions and no answers. My heart is so empty.he was a good man and the best step dad! We love and miss you murphy. ( his Nick name)


      2. Its very odd at seveeal different levels, the Nv nursing bd made it appear he snitched narcotics. Very rare for older nurses to steal drugs. The fact that the drugs weren’t charted for is not something that can be believed.The hospital and former supervisor are deaf, dumb & blind. The FBI isnt talking. The case is mysteriously logged into as not believed by many. Big pieces missing in this story. So sorry for you


  1. The concept of a nurse blowing himself up in what appears to be a demonstration directly related to his career being derailed should be eyed closely by those nurses who’ve been victimized by health care administrations that use nurse as political footballs. Adminstrations on the kicking end frequently follow the power structure and does what the money says.This case reeks of nurse anuse and corruption.


  2. The real dangerous ones are the ones with a ink pen computer and initial A G office on their name tag. as well a black robe , evil dark spirits handing over them . Yea it was a matter of time. When a student in Tucson shot several nursing instructors, my first thought was, it was just a matter or time. The ones who become nurses to teach or be on a BON , shame the profession, they love to abuse other humans, humiliate, and bully . Better off working in a prison.


  3. Eight football players from PARIDISE VALLEY (hmmm Jokey Ridenour is from PV ! ) were found guilty of HAZING, BULLYING, ABUSING other football players and kicked off the team . Maybe the AZBON should take direction from the standards of the football team what is tolerated. As this is what the AZBON is doing to nurses at every meeting, stupid bullies with too much power.


  4. Isn’t it amazing when someone does something intentional to hurt you they act as if you hurt them? Another chapter of bullies. But the “board ” cant see this, or don”t want to., just join on the bandwagon of infliction of more grief. The very organization that proclaims to be for nurses (ana) make pithy contributions to fight for nurses . When pressed they turn on us or do what corporate does , retaliate , or ignore. AZNA cant / wont / dont back nurses. Oppressed by political powers or in bed with corporate. So many things run by a media who brainwash the public “nursing shortage” but new grads cant find jobs. IN AZ the Nursing board and the Hospital Association are like a weird version of 50 SHADES OF WHITE.


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