Protecting Your Arizona Nurses License Against Attorney General Beth A. Campbell

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On the modern road of corporate run health care the gutters are filled with dead nurses who truly define the well known phrase,”No good deed goes unpunished.” I don’t want to go into examples as it really upsets me to see my colleagues abused so much. But I have many examples. And yes, some did die for this very reason.

The first rule in protecting your nursing license goes beyond being a good nurse and a good worker, well beyond that. If you have a license in Arizona the very first thing you should do is get a license in another state, and leave Arizona. Gone are the 10 minute hallway consults to settle minor issues, like the patient didn’t get pain meds on time, or the doctor wants you fired as you told the patient, “Don’t have this surgery.”  The over regulation by the AZBON is now notorious and is causing new legislature laws to protect the nurse from this Board. Think about this statement, new laws protecting nurses from a regulatory agency & discipline. The legislature now has laws for this. Really? We are now writing laws to protect the public from an agency created to protect the public? You got to be kidding!  You can still work Arizona but you’d better get a back up plan if you want to stay here as corporate not only manages your employer it also runs the AZBON as well as the Attorney General. If the patients’ head falls off and the doctor says its OK, you better agree with him, or you’re toast.